Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney

Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney

Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney

Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney

Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney 

Oliver at work. Photography by Mary McCartney 

I really loved Oliver he was the nicest guy
— Jaswinder Mattu
Oliver was such a beautiful , kind and talented person
— Billie Scheepers, Photographer
He was a beautiful man and I will treasure the memories
— Michael Lacey
Oliver was a special person
He was kind generous and very patient with me improving my hair skills 
He was as a warm kind person, very professional and will be missed by all whose lives he touched
— Caroline Frazer
Dearest Oliver,
I am honoured and feel grateful that I have known you in this life. I will treasure my fond memories of you in my heart.
It was a true pleasure working with you on so many different occasions, through all the stages of our careers. 
You were always someone I would look forward to seeing - not only as working with in a team, but mainly as a friend who had a kind soul and a generous heart.
Knowing that your suffering here on earth has now ended I am fully assured that your spirit and soul will live on in this universe and I am sure you now finally have found the peace you so longed for
— Yin Lee
I am more than heart broken for loosing Oli..
He helped me in all the ways, teaching me, showing me ways of hairdressing and pushing me to be a better stylist and person! 
I know he believed in me and I will never forget him.
His calm way of working and his crazy way of living!!  Loved him from the first day I saw him in Tommy Guns! I am lucky to have met such a beautiful person
— Saron Pinheiro
I met Oliver right at the start of our careers over 10 years ago. We got on immediately and I warmed to his gentle and charismatic personality. Whenever I saw Oliver’s name on a call sheet I always knew it was going to be a great day. We both helped each other get jobs because we enjoyed working with each other as a team, it’s nice to have someone like that when you’re freelance.  A fond memory is of going to a party Oliver was throwing, he made sure my husband and I were topped up with champagne, that was a fun night. I’ve always been very fond of Oliver and found him to be kind and talented too. I’ve got many editorials showcasing his beautiful work. Along with his skills he was always really sweet to the models he worked on chatting away with them and making them feel relaxed, a sign of a great hairdresser. My thoughts go out to those closest to him. I’ll miss you Oliver, rest in peace you lovely soul. 
— Annabel Callum, Make-Up Artist
My daughter, husband and I met Oliver and Erik on holiday on Heron Island about 5 years ago.  Analise was scuba diving, and connected with Erik.  The resort was not quite what any of us thought it would be, a rustic summer camp for adults with birds waking us at 2 AM with orgasmic sounds, and flying overhead 24-7, pooping as they flew, such that we had to protect our heads with towels as we walked the paths to have a meal. I remember that Oliver was particularly bothered by that, as was I. On our last evening there, we met on the beach before dinner, with Erik and Oliver impeccably dressed in white caftans. A bird flew over, and let loose on Oliver, down the front of his crisp, clean white outfit. He dealt with it, a little upset, but kept his cool.   I was struck by the loving nature , kindness and sweetness that was Oliver.  I felt as though I had known him for many years.  We stayed in contact by email  after that short time we spent together. Unfortunately, the contact was not frequent enough for me to have insight into his state of mind.  I lost my only sibling to suicide when he was just a few years older than Oliver. I would have done anything to help had I known how they were feeling.   I know that when one is suicidal , it as though they are in a burning building and there is only one way out.   Life on Earth can be overwhelming for those who are exquisitely sensitive, kind and gentle. Oliver was a very special man, and I am grateful to have known him .
— Melinda Roland, Friend
I was fortunate enough to first meet Oliver in 2014, when I sent him my c.v for BlowToGo.  We arranged to meet but I got lost and eventually made it to the meeting 20 minutes late.  He was so understanding and patient while I apologised for my lateness.  He then took his time to explain his company even though he was really busy.  On my first job for Oliver, he came and gave me hairtools in case the client needed their hair done, as they wanted only female stylists.  It turned out it was his birthday (which I later found out) but he had selflessly taken out his time to make sure that I would be prepared and the client would be happy.  
My sister and friends also had the pleasure of meeting Oliver when he done the hair for my friends sister wedding.  He asked my sister to assist him on the brides hair.  I should mention she has no hair experience and was reluctant but he was so calm and explained everything perfectly that she actually enjoyed helping out. 
The last time I spoke to Oliver was just after Christmas, so I was utterly shocked and saddened to here about his passing.  He was so talented, generous and calm and will be dearly missed.
— Davina Pattel, Make-Up Artist
Dear Oliver
You were the always smiling person and friendly person, since the very first day we welcomed you in our home when Erik asked us to help you as you could not return to Britain due to visa issues. But at that time we fell in love with you. You were always considerate, helpfull and a happy person. Our memories of you are so deeply, that we cannot understand, that you are not any longer among us.
We will never forget you, you were like a son for us, and we will miss you very much.
You will live in our hearts forever. Long live your memory
— Else & Johs Bindslev, Family
Dear Oliver 
Thank you for the laughs, the talks and the walks. 
You were the kindest person of the kind, the mildest of the mild and a very cherished uncle to the kids.
We wish we could wash away your pain and struggles and hope you have found peace now.
May strength be with those closest to you and help them live a rich life despite the loss.
We will all miss you. Safe travels. 
— Marianne & Martin - Anna, Bjorn & Silja, Family
Dearest Oli….one of the most genuinely lovely, kind and unaffected people I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with in this fragile and difficult industry we work in.  Oli, I always loved working with you….to walk in a studio and see your lovely smile shining out from that handsome face of yours was always a joy and a relief….it was going to be a wonderful day! You are missed….and when I think of you, I hear your smooth chocolatey voice in that sexy Brazilian accent of yours…and all I can do is smile! 
— Jane Bradley
He was young and energetic beautiful man.
He was always enthusiastic at work, respectful to other people, and funny and adorable person, I really loved working with him.
RIP OLIVER. I love you
— Noriko Takayama, Hairstylist
He was kind and delicate, soft spoken and soothing - but at the same time, full of life and energy and he was not afraid to speak his mind. An intricate mix - a person so rare that we have all lost out by not having him around. I will miss the glint in his eyes and that voice that could soothe you to sleep. Sleep well and rest in peace, beloved Oliver.
— Isabella Charlotta Poppius, Stylist
Oliver was the best hair dresser/stylist I knew. He was super talented, down to earth guy, fun and very handsome. I liked him very much. Me and my twin sister use to come to Oliver & Erik’s place in Belsize Park. Gossip, drink wine and Oliver would cut our hair. We had the best time. I’m so upset... We knew Oliver for years and we would see him regularly but since I stared working for Chloe and traveling a lot we lost touch. I’m so sorry. Last time I spoke with Oliver he was happy and doing so well....
— Kate Gray, Friend and Client
I first met Oli when he came to spend a weekend in Oxfordshire. Understandably, he had had little experience of the English countryside, and to my concern, disappeared into the muddy vegetable garden to collect chives wearing white socks and the flimsiest of sandals.. He was very quiet, gentle and sweet..Everyone in the house instantly loved him.
Over time he became much less shy an considerably more confident, and created an appearance of assured elegance and charm..He took me once pillion on his scooter from Primrose Hill to Knightsbridge when there had been confusion over where we were meeting friends for dinner.. Weaving our way in between busses going around Hyde Park Corner, I was astonished by how much confidence his driving skills instilled in me.

Oli had the great gift of being able to connect instantly with people anywhere. He exuded warmth, love, and sweetness of character.. Being in his company was always a huge pleasure. He is somebody who I will never forget.

My little memory
— Catherine Wills, Friend
Oliver recently lost his struggle with mental illness. As my hairdresser and my friend I always found him to be extraordinarily kind and patient. We miss him.
— Mary McCartney, Friend and Client
To Oliver.

Early memories –

You conquered my heart when on a sunny autumn day in 2001 while walking down to Primrose Hill. You could not afford groceries but you didn’t care – you turned to me with a huge smile on you face, your eyes shining bright when you told me that you have never been in a happier moment in your life. You were free, happy to live your life away from the not so happy memories of Brazil. Here, where nobody could judge you, nobody to stop you.
You never spoke bad about anybody – not for long anyway, you empathised digging into the human condition, tried to understand and explain the deeper reason for negativity or hostile reactions. Your ability to empathise, to care and to take care shaped the man you always were. Uncompromisingly living your life with integrity and rooted in what you believed to be right and wrong. Always talking the cause of people who chose a different way to live their life to your heart – be it transvestites, children suffering or people feeling judged in general.

Your work -

In the early years I would come to Tommy Guns in Beak Street in Soho and sit in the window waiting for you. You swiped the floor for Mr. and Mrs Senior Stylist but you always found a way to improve your skills. Giving me or friends a haircut in the after hours or break from your 10 hour days, 6 days a week. You were like a sponge, soaking up knowledge of techniques – and you had great mentors in Neil Moody and Marc Lopez. You had your own pace, patient and loyal – delivering quality work with integrity in a business that is not known for having it. You had covers of the best publications in the UK and around the world – and you worked with the famous photographers – Mario Testino, Bailey and darling friend Mary McCartney. Your ‘models’ were who is who of the world from Kate Moss, Tom Hardy to Royalty. But the work you were most proud of was the cutting edge – the early shoots for ID, PORT and Monocle is what I remember. I am was so proud of your achievement think I told you so much you stopped believing it. I tried to help you at times where I saw you being used. working weeks without pay for another amazing image collection that could improve your portfolio. Together we thought of ways to use your skills in a different way by setting up BlowToGo – styling for busy lives. We envisioned it to be the ‘Uber of hairdressing’ bridging the pool of amazing, underpaid talent in London and the many people who are over-paid with no time. Like all start ups I required time, energy and focus and relentless trial and error, this baby never grew up but it is something we created together, something to be proud of. Your work is also a success story of an immigrant who came to this country with nothing and achieved more acclaim and success than most people dream off.
I hope that we can honour your legacy – perhaps by keeping Oliverdaw.net alive as a beacon of inspiration to others, who like you, came to this country seeking a new life. Oliverdaw.net is your life’s work – it was your pride and joy.

Your love –

We found each-other the first time on a crowded dance floor – my heart still closed and hurting. You had no doubt, I was the one. Your search was done. My heart to time to conquer, we spent months together before I dared to let you in. Never had I had a person with such dedication, such patience, such forgiveness by my side. Sleepovers became weeks together and separate rooms became one room and bang – I was hooked. You held me when I was very emotionally wobbly. I called you my rock because you were my rock. Of stability, of no drama of ‘keeping it real’ We were very different, you and I but we complimented eachother. You with your ‘old soul’ and patience and me with your relentless energy and childlike (or maybe naïve) pursuit of opportunities. You gave me your heart Oliver and I gave you mine, you were my true companion and I was yours. We became a unit, a small family and my family became yours. My mum, dad, sister brother, nieces and nephews became yours – my friends became yours and your friends mine. We always took so much care of each other. I called you ‘Pandinha’ and you called me ‘Katz’ – because you thought I was hard to ‘master’ but also because like you, I loved cuddles, kisses and being cared and loved for.
Behind your smiley, friendly lovely façade I also saw fragility. I spent years trying to understand you to make you understand that I was ok to be trusted with your fears, your anxieties. I shared mine with you and somehow knew that it was too much for you to absorb at times, but I knew of no other way. I am so sorry for giving you my ‘shit’ at times and I am so sorry for not having more patience in understanding you and helping you to understand yourself.

Our adventures -

Man did we discover the world together. Wow did we travel – we were so so blessed. Beautiful summer trip to Rafa’s house on the coast in Mallorca, trips to Norresundby, Aalbaek, Skagen, you beloved Copenhagen (or as your pronounced it CO-PEN-HAGIN),in-fact, on your first trip to Copenhagen you were denied re-entry into the UK resulting in you having to stay with my siblings in town before having to ship you to my parents in Norresundby as we had no way of getting you back. I must be remembered that we had just met and my family had no idea who you were until having to call in the ‘Red Cross Bindslev’ units. But you won their hearts like you were winning mine.

We visited and discovered cities and were witness to some of the most beautiful places of earth together.
We had amazing holidays in Rome, Florence and Tuscany for Lucabelle’s wedding, we went discovering in Molise and Monte Carlo, Nice, Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife where you had your goddaughter Sophia, Galicia, San Sebastian and Bilbao, Paris, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Brussels, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Rio your home town of Campo Grade – surrounded by the most magical landscape I had ever seen. It’s a place of immense beauty and bounty with fertile soil and crystal clear rivers running though the landscape packed with fish and alligators and fed though underground aquafers…. Which you had never told me about… you didn’t like where you grew up. But think that our adventures there made you see a different side to it. What is there, unaffected by the crude effect of people.

We retraced my past in Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, spent summers in the The Hamptons, Sydney, the NSW central coast. You saw the spectacular beauty of The Barrier Reef where you scuba-dived among majestic Mantarays on your first dive. We went to Lebanon and retraced Rachid’s (your step-father’s family history) – it was like living reality documentary but when after meeting one guy, 1 hours later were sharing a meal in your honour with the entire village we knew that also among total strangers you were loved and received with hospitality and generosity! We saw the majestic ruins of the temples of Baalbek in the breathtakingly beauty of the Bekaa valley, we shared meal and wine with good friends in towns founded 5000 years ago and we went spring skiing in the Lebanon mountains. It was your first trip on Skiis… you hated it – and me for putting you through it. But on our trip to Aspen in 2013 you said was the most amazing place you had ever been and skiing made you free.

I so wish we could have skied more, my love, I so wish I could have given you more of that sensation of freedom and happiness that you longed for so much.

You wrote me during our break up – a birthday note 16 October 2013. it was written on a white paper:

The white cover symbolises an infinity amount of memories.
So many are these that I can’t find a starting point or one to be mentioned.
The events that has been happing lately are a great test of the strength of our relationship
I am dreaming with the fact that we will sort it out and overcome any problems
You are the love of my life and my love for you overcomes any unwanted memory.

Well, Oliver – you were also the love of my life. You need to know that. Believe that.

In my speech to you on our wedding day I said:
“I only have to look into your eyes, your kind smiling eyes to know that I am safe, I am loved, I am home”

in the past 3 years, I wish that I had looked into those eyes and detected your pain, felt your thoughts so that I could have been there for you in a way which you needed so desperately. I failed as your family at that – and for that I am so, so sorry.

Thank you -

Thank you for the time you gave me by your side.
Thank you for being a beacon of kindness and forgiveness.
Thank you for making me feel loved and for providing my heart with a home.
Thank you for the companionship, for your trust, for your support and loyalty.

Sorry –

Sorry for not listening when you needed me to hear.
Sorry for being wrong when thinking that splitting up was the only way to re-capture happiness and balance in life.
Sorry for not being able to save you.
Sorry that you are not here with me now.

I love you now and into eternity.
In my heart forever.

Your Katz xo
— Erik Bruun Bindslev